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System Option Platform

A legitimate company, made up of a team that has been successfully trading Binary Options for years. Learn more about us What is System Option

Opportunity to learn with our help to successfully trade on Binary Options, to follow live how we trade and to make potential profits together with us. It is enough to copy our moves to your account and take your profit. All you need to do is become a member. Learn more about Binary Options →  What are Binary Options

You need to subscribe to one of our membership packages to become a System Option member and start your successful, profitable career on Binary Options. Learn more about membership packages Membership

Complete training for successful trading on Binary Options, our proven strategies and settings for charts, our trading and investing system, videos from the previous trading day with complete explanations and analyzes, 24h support and most importantly you will be able to follow us live as we trade directly on Binary Options where you will be able to make potential profits together with us.

Become our member, follow our trade live and take your potential profit!

RISK WARNING: Your capital might be at risk.

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You need to register on a platform that supports working on Binary Options. We use the IQ Option platform and our work system is adapted to that platform. So, all our future members who want to work with us, need to register on the IQ Option platform. Our advice is that when you register, you first need to start working on a demo account in order to get better acquainted with working on Binary Options, only after a certain time, switch to a real account. If you want, you can immediately start working with a real account, it’s up to you and you do everything exclusively at your own risk. Read moreWhy we choose the IQ Option platform

Follow what we do and learn from us.

Hour of work and research
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Registration process

When you access the IQ Option platform, the process of opening a demo account is very simple. For this you need a valid e-mail address and basic information about you.
In order to open a real account you need to verify your account. The IQ Option website explains in detail how you can verify your account, you just need to follow the instructions carefully.


Opening an account

Fill out a short questionnaire on the IQ Option website, attach certain documentation confirming your identity and place of residence, then place a deposit in your real account. When you verify your account, then you can work on the real account. Read moreDetailed guide through the IQ Option platform



There are several ways to insert a deposit. If you insert deposit directly through your payment card or bank account, you will be able to withdraw money only up to the amount of your deposit.

More details

Therefore, we advise you to use Skrill to insert a deposit. You will be able to withdraw your deposit and potential profit whenever you want. Read moreHow to withdraw the money you have earned on Binary Options



In order to successfully use Skrill you need to open your online account and verify your account. Fill out a short questionnaire on the Skrill website

More details

provide certain documents confirming your identity and place of residence. When you have done all this, make a deposit in your account so that your account is completely verified. Only with a completely verified account you can make transactions! So, from your Skrill account, you transfer money to your IQ Option real account. Also, when you want to withdraw potential profit or deposit from your IQ Option real account, you send the money first to your Skrill account and then to your bank account.
The verification process is done exclusively to protect you and companies from fraud and misuse of your accounts and personal information. Read moreWhat is Skrill and how is it used


We are available 24h

For any questions you have contact us at our email address, we are available 24/7.


Each of our membership packages is valid for 30 days from the moment of purchase. The moment you make a purchase of one of our two packages, the system automatically assigns you Log In access, through which you will access certain sections of our website depending on which membership package you have choosen.
Three days before membership expires, an automatic e-mail notification will be sent to you in case you want to renew your membership or your access to the our services will be denied after the expiration of the package.


What is System Option

System Option is a registered legitimate company engaged in education and trading on Binary Options. Our path to success was not easy, it required many hours of work and research on Binary Options to achieve the success we have today and which we have been achieving for years. So, System Option is a place where…

What are Binary Options

Binary Option is a financial product that is based on fulfilling a certain condition at a certain time, where the trader receives a payment that is predefined or loses the investment based on whether his price change forecast was correct.   How Binary Options Work Three key elements make up work on Binary Options: 1.…

Detailed guide through the IQ Option platform

To successfully use the IQ Option platform, you need to register first as follows. When you click on the IQ Option link you are redirected to their official website Then you need to click on SIGN UP after which you will be redirected to a short form. You will enter your name, surname, e-mail address…

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